Mexico’s socialist president Andrés Manuel López-Obrador recently demanded an apology from Spain for colonial conquest. What’s surprising in this age of the cowardly kowtow is Spain’s response.

VIDEO - The motive behind the tragic shooting in New Zealand has been associated with conservative ideologies. Trevor Loudon discusses with Christian Gomez that the motives were in fact far from it. Loudon dives into the shooter’s manifesto, which aligns with National Bolshevism, and even borrows it’s imagery.

The arrival of fresh Russian troops in Venezuela is sending a message to Washington: "We're not going anywhere."

While the world’s media is focused on the deadly mosque shootings in New Zealand, another, even more deadly slaughter has been taking place in Nigeria.

Entertaining secualrism and Sharia, once great Great Britain is persecuting Christians as it circles the drain of civilizational demise.

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