Chinese pro-life dissident Chen Guangcheng may have been  coerced to leave the U.S. Embassy under threats against his family by Chinese officials.

Tensions flare on the Egyptian and Syrian borders, prompting Israel to call up six reserve battalions. The IDF also reserves the right to call up to 16 more if necessary.

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng may be safe for the moment from his country's repressive regime, but pregnant women and their pre-born babies remain in danger.

In anticipation of the NATO Summit, which is to be held from May 20 to May 21, the city of Chicago is preparing a practical police state. Federal officials are implementing security plans that are so broad they encompass all of Cook County, Illinois.

Recent attacks on churches in Nigeria and Kenya are signaling that there is little chance Islamist terrorists will abandon their war on Christianity any time soon. 

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