In the wake of Brexit, financial markets across Europe and the world are experiencing some choppy waters. Those who opposed the U.K.'s move to regain independence from the EU have been quick to point to the financial turbulence with a not-so-subtle I-told-you-so. Their message is clear: Brexit is responsible for the downturn and it will only get worse if other nations follow suit. But is it really the catastrophe the globalists make it out to be?

Almost immediately after the Brexit became official, politicians in other EU countries began expressing a desire to follow Britain's example.

British Prime Minister David Cameron is out — or soon will be — as the first political repercussion of the historic Brexit vote.

Following a national referendum on June 23, in which voters in the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump called the vote  “purely historic,” saying that U.K. voters “took their country back.”

British voters have sent an Earth-shaking message to the globalist elitists of the European Union: “Bye-Bye, We’re Outa’ Here.”

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