Another massive intel failure? Terrorist bombers: Are they Islamists, communists, socialists, foreign intel operatives, all of the above?

As we debate and ridicule the Green New Deal in America, the Extinctioin Rebellion movement is taking their message promoting disastrous "climate action" to the streets in Great Britain.

Neither this writer nor The New American claims to have any evidence that the Notre Dame fire was the work of either radical Islamists or radical secularists. But given the hatred of both of those groups for Christianity, the recent attacks on Christian churches, and the thinly veiled “retribution and punishment” claims of ISIS, this writer can perhaps be forgiven for concluding that the possibility that the Notre Dame fire was set should not be ruled out.

Many Mexicans aren’t just poorly educated — they’re miseducated, indoctrinated full-bore with Marxism. Along with their sub-literacy, this makes them easy prey for leftist demagogues.

The International Red Cross delivered 24 tons of medical supplies and 14 generators to Caracas’ airport bound for Venezuela’s hospitals on Tuesday. Maduro, by allowing this to happen, is essentially admitting the failure of his socialist utopia.

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