The Chinese government isn’t only engaging in an economic trade war but a technological, societal, and military quest to surpass America as the world’s great superpower.  

On many occasions during the 2016 presidential campaign, then candidate Donald Trump called the Chinese government out for “ripping us off” and for being an “economic enemy.” A report from the White House Office of Manufacturing and Trade Policy shows that candidate Trump was right.  


London is one of the world’s most surveilled cities, but authorities still fail to effectively tackle crime, with less than one in 20 muggings and burglaries being solved. But police are still able to track down thought criminals who criticize Islam.

The Supreme Court in Canada has ruled that a Canadian evangelical Christian university can be denied accreditation for its law school simply because it supports traditional marriage.

Despite official denials, the Communist Chinese regime's barbaric organ-harvesting program is drawing renewed attention and condemnation from Missouri and Georgia to Canada and Australia and everywhere in between. Numerous legislatures around the world have taken testimony and even approved official condemnations of the practice, which often involves murdering prisoners of conscience jailed for their beliefs. But with the mass-murdering dictatorship in China trying to whitewash the atrocities involved in its multi-billion dollar organ trade business, activists and lawmakers say the world must turn up the pressure.

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