gordon brownThe ongoing chaos in the world’s financial markets shows no sign of abating, and governments, financiers, and their kept economists are now openly talking of a reprise of the Great Depression, unless something is done quickly.

Sanlu Milk PowderIn the wake of the tainted toothpaste and pet food scandals, thousands of infants have been sickened in China by contaminated powdered milk. So far, two infants have died from the product that has been contaminated with melamine, the same agent that was found to have contaminated pet food sold in the United States.

GorbachevHis vociferous support for Russia's heavy aerial bombardment and invasion of Georgia notwithstanding, Mikhail S. Gorbachev is scheduled to be presented the Liberty Medal on September 18 by former President George H. W. Bush.

Swedish ProtestSweden’s strong cultural values have temporarily propped up its celebrated welfare state, but this support is growing steadily weaker due to the nation’s socialist policies.

Cuban Foreign MinisterAs tension over the Russian occupation of Georgia continues to simmer, Moscow is quietly stirring the embers of the Cold War in another part of the world — still-communist Cuba. In August, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin and Russian Security Council Secretary General Nikolai Patrushev traveled to Havana and met with Cuban President Raul Castro.

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