On May 25, the people of Ireland will be voting on whether to retain their Eighth Amendment, which protects the right to life, or repeal it. The vote is the result of intense pressure from pro-abortion advocates.

Thousands of Venezuelans fleeing unbearable conditions are fleeing to neighboring Cúcuta, Colombia, which has become overwhelmed and forced to deport some of them.

Israeli forces bombed Iranian military installations in Syria on Wednesday in response to “20 rockets” fired by the Iranian forces, which were fired after Israel fired on an Iranian base in Syria on Tuesday, the day Israel ordered Human Rights Watch to leave the country.


VIDEO - On a recent trip to the United States, leaders of AfriForum, Africa's largest civil-rights organization, exposed the South African government's growing extremism, including official plans to steal land from European-descent farmers as well as escalating calls for violence and murder against minority communities. Indeed, violence, especially against farmers, is already off the charts. In an interview with The New American magazine in Dallas, AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets explained how serious the situation was getting.

VIDEO - TNA Contributor Christian Gomez analyzes and exposes the false claims that U.S. entry into TPP agreement would somehow hurt or contain Communist China in the Asia Pacific.

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