The Communist Chinese dictatorship is reportedly holding over a million Muslim Uighurs in “counter-extremism centers,” while some two to three million victims are said to be in cultural and political “re-education” camps.

Those “youths” are at it again. This time, it’s Sweden, where a gang of “youths” have burned 100 or so cars across several areas in what authorities think is a coordinated attack.


Officials in Hungary have determined that gender-studies programs are a waste of time and money, and have removed the programs from universities in a move sure to provoke ire from the Left.

A “Midlands man” smashed his car into cyclists and pedestrians before ramming a protective barrier in front of the Palace of Westminster in London this morning.

After equating U.S. President Donald Trump's “tactics” to those of ISIS, a top United Nations bureaucrat warned that the American leader's rhetoric borders on “incitement to violence.”

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