Following last week’s deadly shootings at two New Zealand mosques that left 50 dead and many more seriously injured, Internet Service Providers in New Zealand have responded by implementing outright censorship of content related to the shootings. That censorship is manifested in different ways — from blocking certain content to barring access to entire alternative news sites. Major social media companies had already begun purging and censoring posts about the shootings, but the CEOs of major telecommunications firms in New Zealand and Australia have gone even further — creating what could be described as “The Great Trans-Tasman Firewall.” And the government of New Zealand is threatening citizens with harsh fines and jail time for possessing or sharing the video.

A Muslim physician and columnist said in a Saturday CNN interview that President Trump is “beloved” in many parts of the Islamic world.

As Democrats in Congress and open-borders zealots in the federal courts work to keep the flood of illegal immigration pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border while showering American tax money on foreign regimes, the new leader of El Salvador says he has a totally different plan. For one, he offered his nation's assistance in dealing with the escalating immigration crisis. And remarkably, instead of demanding more foreign aid in exchange for helping to stem the tide of migrants fleeing Latin America, Salvadorean President-elect Nayib Bukele slammed U.S. "handouts." Instead, he asked that the United States simply do more business with his nation.

Brazil's new president visited Washington on Tuesday, and he and President Trump appear to have hit it off. But the mainstream media hates it.

Despite the Trump administration ratcheting up sanctions against Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro, and Maduro’s support among Venezualans eroding, he remains firmly in control.

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