Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's leader, owes his existence to his "friends" in Moscow and Beijing — but for how long?

While Poland’s government has thus far managed to keep unassimilable migrants out of its country, it hasn’t been as successful with another foreign import: the homosexual agenda. 

Thanks to evangelicals and conservative Catholics uniting in an election that shocked the globalist political class worldwide, “Tropical Trump” Jair Bolsonaro is Brazil's next president.

Today marks the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. Americans who value our national sovereignty should work to get our nation out of this would-be world government.

VIDEO - Journalist Eunicka Chojecka sits down with The New American to discuss Go Against the Tide’s impact on the youth in Poland. Eunicka also shares from her experiences of communist influence in education while working toward her Ph.D.

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