More than three years after voters in the U.K. decided to leave the European Union, ham-handed legislators in the country can still not figure out just how to do so.

A top politician in Finland and one of her colleagues in the Parliament are under investigation by Helsinki cops for “homophobic” remarks.

After reading this, you may never eat another Swedish meatball. While the Green New Deal had been the epitome of “The sky is falling; let’s save the planet!” lunacy, it has been topped by Swedish behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund’s brainchild: Eating human flesh to preserve the environment.

While the Brexit chaos continues in U.K. government, the threat of snap elections in which Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party could come to power has many wealthy Brits looking to move elsewhere to escape the increased socialism.

With Parliament set to come back from its summer recess on Tuesday, the House of Commons and the prime minister are steeling themselves for an epic Brexit showdown.

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