A recent report from the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna warns that in 27 years — 2045 — 22 percent of the world’s population is expected to be overweight.

Following Nicolás Maduro’s sham reelection as president of Venezuela, economic conditions continue to worsen and more people are leaving the country to escape its misery.

On May 25, Ireland is set to hold a referendum that would repeal the country's Eighth Amendment, which protects the right to life of the unborn. If passed, the government would then push legislation that would allow abortion up to 12 weeks for any reason. The vote appears to be close at the moment despite Ireland's deep pro-life roots, largely as a result of the unfair campaign advantages given to those who favor the referendum.

To no one’s surprise, the Marxist dictator running Venezuela into the ground won a farcical reelection to a third six-year term on Sunday.


China has made known that it wants to be the world’s premier power, and it already leads in one area: bullying. The latest example is GAP clothing retailer, which just issued a groveling apology to Beijing for releasing a t-shirt emblazoned with an “erroneous” (read: correct) map of China.

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