Despite what the establishment media's headlines claim, the Greek economy is still in bad shape. So severe is the situation that one prominent analyst referred to what is happening as the “genocide of the Greek Nation.”

With a March 29 exit date looming, many hurdles still need to be cleared in order to reach a deal for Great Britain to leave the European Union.

According to “official” numbers, China's economy grew by 6.5 percent in the third quarter, down from 12.2 percent eight years ago. Tech stocks are down by a third. But don’t pay any attention to those numbers, say top communist officials.

Senior Editor for The New American William F. Jasper interviews Christian Gomez about what Obama-era trade negotiators who worked on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have to say about the new USMCA.

VIDEO - Mexico’s president-elect has announced that Mexico believes the USMCA is a treaty rather than an agreement. If this trade deal is in fact a treaty, President Trump would be required by the Constitution to get the approval of the Senate.

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