A recent attack upon a Jewish family reveals a big reason for anti-Jewish feelings. Like thieves and leftist politicians, the attackers said the Jews "had money," and they wanted it.

Denmark’s minister of immigration and integration, Inger Stojberg, said that Denmark won’t allow any refugees into the country this year under a UN quota system.

President Trump should take note of the EU Court of Justice's bullying member nations on immigration policy, and get us out of NAFTA, and not even attempt to renegotiate.

North Korea tested its sixth and largest nuclear bomb on September 3 — a device it said was a hydrogen bomb — and world leaders expressed strong condemnation.

If those on the Left really cared about slavery, they wouldn’t be obsessed with tearing down the statues of long-dead slave-owners. What they might do is combat the slavery still occurring in non-Western countries.

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