Having already inflated its currency into practical worthlessness, the Venezuelan government is now trying to mask the inflation by lopping zeros off the currency.

“A bad worker blames his tools,” my mother used to tell me. And bad leaders, it seems, blame the consequences of their bad policies on tools. A case in point is London mayor Sadiq Khan’s proposal to ban cars in certain areas of his city after Tuesday morning’s suspected Houses of Parliament terrorist attack.

The police identified the “Midlands Man” who drove into a gaggle of cyclists and pedestrians and then into a security barrier outside Parliament in London yesterday. He was a Sudanese Muslim immigrant.

The Communist Chinese dictatorship is reportedly holding over a million Muslim Uighurs in “counter-extremism centers,” while some two to three million victims are said to be in cultural and political “re-education” camps.

Those “youths” are at it again. This time, it’s Sweden, where a gang of “youths” have burned 100 or so cars across several areas in what authorities think is a coordinated attack.


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