Faced with an orchestrated influx of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East, German officials have started commandeering private property to house the tsunami of new arrivals. Italian property owners have also been forced, literally kicking and screaming, to house migrants against their will. Plans to put resistors in jail are reportedly being considered. And in Sweden, where an extreme housing shortage in the capital of Stockholm has been made even more acute by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in recent years, authorities are using tax money to outbid Swedes in the intensifying competition for living space. Other fundamental freedoms are also being attacked under the guise of dealing with the self-inflicted “refugee crisis.” And it is going to get worse.

When the mainstream media cover Donald Trump, it's "fake news." With Venezuela, it's "no news."

A powerful bomb explosion set by ISIS outside an ice cream parlor in Baghdad and another rush hour car bomb in another area of Iraq’s capital killed at least 31 people.

As North Korea conducted another missile test on May 29, the U.S. Navy is sending a third aircraft carrier group to the Western Pacific to send a message to Pyongyang.

Islamic State terrorists (ISIS) have claimed responsibility for the attack Friday on a group of Coptic Christians in Egypt that killed at least 29 and left more than 20 others wounded.

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