A Christian migrant who returned to Syria from Austria, a Croatian man who grew up in Sweden but recently moved to Poland, and a woman who left for Hungary because Sweden is now unsafe are all part of a secondary European migration — caused by Muslim migration.

There is only one sensible solution to the escalating crisis in South Africa: Self-determination for the Western-minded, Afrikaans-speaking Christian majority in the Western Cape. At least, that is how a growing number of concerned people across the country and among South Africans abroad see the issue. Organized efforts to achieve independence for the Cape region are already underway. At least one local tribal leader, Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III, whose formal title roughly translates into “king” in English, has already declared independence from the communist-controlled South African regime. Other voices hope for Afrikaner self-determination in an interior region of the country where they once governed themselves within the Boer republics. And a growing number of embattled Afrikaners and Boers are making (peaceful) preparations in anticipation of what they believe is a looming civil war and societal collapse.

Christopher Steele — the author (perhaps novelist would be a better description) of the Trump “dossier” — is facing serious legal troubles. Besides being referred for criminal investigation by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he is facing a multi-million dollar civil suit for defamation of character. Fox News has published British court records related to Steele’s upcoming deposition in that lawsuit.

Many people ask: “Why have elections in Russia, when the result is always the same? Why go through such a masquerade?” They don’t understand that authoritarian states need elections to “legitimize” their regime by a periodical display of national enthusiasm to keep the same people in power forever.

It’s often said “Our strength lies in our diversity.” But greater diversity in “religion” — namely, Islam’s new prominence in Sweden — is leading to calls in that nation to outlaw all religious schools.

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