Despite defending Western values, nationhood, and Christianity in his historic July 6 speech in Warsaw, Poland, President Donald Trump also made a number of remarks appearing to subtly promote U.S. intervention overseas, as well as entangling alliances with transnational institutions. Some of the rhetoric — full-blown support for NATO, for example, or demanding that the Kremlin stop aiding the Syrian regime in its war against Islamist rebels — marked a sharp contrast with his anti-globalist campaign speeches promoting largely noninterventionist views and “America First” policies. But what the changing rhetoric means from a policy perspective remains to be seen.

One hundred thousand useful idiots have descended on Hamburg, carefully trained and fully funded by wealthy globalists, the same wealthy globalists who the mob think they are protesting.

During his stop in Poland this week ahead of the G-20 summit, President Donald Trump slammed communism as a “cruel” and “wicked” system that sought to crush the Polish people's freedom, faith, history, identity, and even humanity. But despite the murderous tyranny that enslaved the nation for so long, Trump said the communist butchers were unable to crush their faith in God — and that crying out to Him was ultimately the key to restoring freedom in Poland.

Under the guise of fighting alleged man-made global warming, California Governor Jerry Brown is defying the elected government of the United States and forming an unconstitutional alliance with the mass-murdering communist regime enslaving mainland China.



Twenty thousand young communists from all over the world will converge on Sochi, Russia this October to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution. And guess who personally intervened to ensure that the grand event would be held on Russian soil? Vladimir Putin.


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