Six people have been killed along with the three terrorists who carried out the deadly attack in London late Saturday night, according to police. The attack — happening one week into Ramadan and less than two weeks after a deadly suicide bomb attack in Manchester — may indicate that more attacks are likely.

Police in London are responding to Jihadist terrorist attacks today in at least three parts of London. The attacks come less than two weeks after the deadly terrorist bombing of a concert in Manchester, England, killed at least 23 adults and children and injured at least 116 others.

Several top officials in the Trump administration are attending this year's secrecy-obsessed Bilderberg meeting, an annual globalist gathering of the world's self-appointed elites and a select group of their “useful idiots.” The reason for their attendance was not immediately clear, nor was it clear whether President Trump had approved their visit. But the implications could be massive, and analysts say Trump should be on guard.

Faced with an orchestrated influx of millions of migrants from Africa and the Middle East, German officials have started commandeering private property to house the tsunami of new arrivals. Italian property owners have also been forced, literally kicking and screaming, to house migrants against their will. Plans to put resistors in jail are reportedly being considered. And in Sweden, where an extreme housing shortage in the capital of Stockholm has been made even more acute by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants in recent years, authorities are using tax money to outbid Swedes in the intensifying competition for living space. Other fundamental freedoms are also being attacked under the guise of dealing with the self-inflicted “refugee crisis.” And it is going to get worse.

When the mainstream media cover Donald Trump, it's "fake news." With Venezuela, it's "no news."

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