Maduro is a Marxist thug and a tyrant and his people are dying thanks to the imposition of his socialism. But does that justify military intervention by the United States?

Communist China said that if North Korea launches missiles that threaten U.S. soil first and the United States retaliates, China will stay neutral.

Patience is one attribute missing in much of America's foreign policy decisions. In the case of Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro, who is trying to install himself as a dictator, a little patience could solve the problem. 

VIDEO - China Aid founder Bob Fu, a pastor who emigrated from China after being imprisoned for his faith, shares with correspondent Alex Newman how the Communist Chinese regime has waged war on Christianity since seizing power — and how, ironically, the vicious persecution has helped the Chinese church to spread to the point where China may soon become the largest Christian nation in the world.

As the Saudi regime and its allies continue laying waste to the impoverished nation of Yemen using mostly American weapons, U.S. boots are now reportedly on the ground to assist in the destruction as part of the global terror war. Millions of Yemeni civilians have been displaced and are suffering amid what analysts are describing as among the greatest humanitarian crises currently afflicting the planet — disease, starvation, and violence are running rampant. With the U.S. government now getting sucked even deeper into the conflict, there appears to be no end in sight to the civil war. And unsurprisingly, globalists are, as usual, exploiting the tragedy they helped create to advance the cause of globalism via regional governance.

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