In the days since Saddam Hussein was toppled, being a Christian has become an extremely dangerous proposition in Iraq.

If people seem dumber than ever, as curmudgeons might complain, it may not be just your imagination. For studies show that in a number of Western countries, IQ scores are dropping notably.

More than two years after Austria’s so-called burqa ban, the nation has taken another half step to preserve its culture: It has enacted a law designed to stop Muslim girls from wearing Islamic headscarves in primary schools. 

It’s clear that the sanctions being imposed by the White House on Nicolás Maduro’s tottering regime in Caracas are forcing him into negotiating with opposition leader Juan Guaidó.

David Rockefeller founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973. In this episode of Behind the Deep State, Alex looks at this organization and those involved working toward a new world order.

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