Lara Logan — former CBS News chief foreign affairs correspondent — said during an interview that the U.S. and international news media is mostly liberal. 

While the United States has sent aid to Venezuelans, Maduro threatens to block the aid from entering his country. Meanwhile, Cuba is helping to keep Maduro in power.

Publicly, Russia and China continue to support Venezuela’s embattled Marxist leader, Nicolás Maduro. But privately they are moving to cut their losses as his exit appears more likely and more imminent.

“It’s a man, baby!” was a mistaken notion and part of comedy when uttered by fictional British spy Austin Powers in 1997. But expressing this sentiment in today’s Britain — even where it applies — can get you in big trouble, as a 38-year-old mother of two found out the hard way. 

In a lament written for the Project Syndicate on Monday, billionaire George Soros sees the coming collapse of the European Union.

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