Many Mexicans aren’t just poorly educated — they’re miseducated, indoctrinated full-bore with Marxism. Along with their sub-literacy, this makes them easy prey for leftist demagogues.

The International Red Cross delivered 24 tons of medical supplies and 14 generators to Caracas’ airport bound for Venezuela’s hospitals on Tuesday. Maduro, by allowing this to happen, is essentially admitting the failure of his socialist utopia.

In Kobani, Syria, once largely destroyed by ISIS artillery and U.S.-led coalition air strikes against ISIS targets, some former Muslim Kurds have become Christians.

Former Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, one of history's great mass-murderers, is experiencing a rise in popularity in Russia, where more than half of those surveyed said they have a positive opinion of him.

Recently discovered Islamic State (IS) documents reveal that, as many had warned all along, not all Syrian migrants are coming to Europe fleeing war — some want to bring the war to Europe. 

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