The Chinese people have now endured 70 years of brutal dictatorship — and it appears that is not about to change.

Tommy Robinson is, one could say speaking loosely, being turned into a non-person. And the latest part of this effort is the banning of a book he wrote that's critical of Islam.

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has been arresting, detaining, and releasing U.S. journalists and their crews for months. Is he testing the Trump administration, trying to provoke a reaction?

At the same time Israeli and U.S. troops are cooperating on the joint venture with the THAAD missile sytem, the United States is selling the same advanced weapons system to Saudi Arabia.

In a 22-language tweet to the “Citizens of Europe,” French President Emmanuel Macron condemned Brexit as an “irresponsible lie peddled by anger mongers backed by fake news.”

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