European Jews are facing a new tide of anti-Semitism.

Mexican officials, including representatives of Mexican President-elect AMLO, will travel to Washington today to resume NAFTA talks.

As South Africa descends deeper into the “Second Phase” of Communist Revolution, former U.S. President Barack Obama swooped in to fan the flames of hatred and envy and to argue that the world should follow South Africa into the abyss. Paying homage to South African Communist Party bigwig Nelson Mandela on the 100th anniversary of his birth, Obama took swipes at President Donald Trump, his countrymen, free markets, the rich, and much more, pushing the globalist establishment's vision for humanity. Obama's speech came amid growing fears of genocide against South African minority communities,  exploding poverty levels, the emergence of racist land-expropriation programs, and even the threat of civil war and societal collapse looming. Ironically, as the truth becomes more widely known, Obama's own words will likely condemn him and his idol Mandela. And indeed, across America, Obama was ridiculed and criticized for his comments — hoisted by his own petard.

The United States isn’t the only North American country currently facing an immigration problem. After President Trump took office in the United States amid promises of a crackdown on illegal immigration, Canada, our neighbor to the north began seeing an influx of so-called asylum seekers.  

A Muslim gunman killed two and wounded 13 in Toronto on Monday, but despite what police suspect are terrorist ties, everything but terror, we are told, caused the attack.

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